About Yue

DSC_4255As an artist, Alex Yue has many identities; he is a professional origami artist that had studied Child and Youth Care Work in Ryerson University and became a Certified Healer with the Modern Mystery School. Born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in his early teens, the art of paper folding was the biggest passion for Alex. It started off as a simple hobby that was used to impress others. But Alex continued to nurture this passion into something greater. With the support of several teachers, Alex founded and chaired the origami club at Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School for 3 years. The club was responsible for organizing school-wide campaign such asĀ  a fundraiser for schools in Africa and the "Thousand Cranes for Peace" event. As a youth worker, Alex uses the art of paper folding in a therapeutic approach. Just like other forms of art, origami can be used as a calming technique that leave a person with a sense of accomplishment. Alex often strive to inspire youth to create origami pieces as a coping strategy and use them as decorations; it would serve as a continual reminder for their artistic potential. In the year of 2005, Alex became a member of the Origami Society of Toronto and had participated in various DSCN0897community events in sharing the joy of origami. In the year of 2008, Alex began creating origami pieces for commissioned work. Since then, he worked on a variety of projects that range from wedding bouquets to commercial displays. Alex was in partnership with companies such as TAXI, NBC and Yield in utilizing origami as subjects for photo shoot and props for television shows. He continue to work towards the goal of becoming a full time origami artist. Alex seeks to inspire others to nurture their passion to fruition, much like what he did with the art of paper folding.